Control diabetes with multiple build-in features like measurements analysis, statistics, graphs, reports and many other tools to analyse blood glucose level!

Diabetes app tracks and analyses key diabetes data like glucose level, description, which you can edit, view on interactive graphs or export beautiful PDf reports! Moreover all your data are secure as they are saved and read directly from Apple Health, which guarantees world class security. The simplest diabetes buddy for diabetics!

Key features:

  1. Completely integrated to Apple Health

  2. Outstanding and easy to use User Interface

  3. Free PDF reports

  4. Reminders - don't miss your measurement

  5. Tracking data:

    • Date and Time

    • Blood glucose level - (mg/dl) or (mmo/l)

    • Comment / description

    • Tags

  6. Innovative, interactive and scalable graph

Countless possibilities in your hand! Glucose level tracking application has never been so helpful for diabetics. Just download for FREE and take control of your diabetes with probably the best glucose tracker in a market!